Welcome traveler at the doorstep of High Castle, which stands on the border between two worlds. The gate to the fantastic land of the Old World you will find here easily. The path leads through a large library, where the learned book collection has been accumulated for centuries. However, before you go to this land of dreams, you will be subjected to an extremely difficult test. You must possess the secrets of martial arts and become the Master of War. If you do not manage this task, you will come back from where you came, because there is no other way.

If you've ever dreamed of turning powerful battles in a dark and unusual fantasy world, then you've come to the right place. If your intellectual and tactical-strategic expectations are higher than average, and by the creators of other games could be assessed as excessive, then Warmaster may turn out to be the game you have been looking for for years. Transparent, although extensive rules of the game, the diversity of individual armies, the diversity of tactical situations and the multi-level nature of the game will make it impossible to achieve mastering in this martial art too easily. Be sure, however, that Warmaster game provides excellent fun for both beginners and seasoned generals.

Look through the pages in the tomes from the High Castle, so maybe you will find here verses written especially for you.

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