7th Autumn Meetings with Warmaster

Date: 2009, November 13-15.

Location: Janów near Częstochowa.

Total number of participants: unknown.

Tournament participants in the Warmaster game: 11.

Warmaster players: Bejzkik, Getlord, Grzehoo, Jaco, Kazjatar, Kretus, Kruger, Robert, Roman, Vincenty, Zorg (Getlord and Jaco played as a team because of the odd number of players).

Winner of the tournament’s campaign - The Chosen of the Gods: Kruger.

Winners in following special categories:

  • The Chief Strategist (winning the largest number of battles and the best balance of points between destroyed enemy troops and lost own troops): Kazjatar.
  • The Father of the Nation (the highest level of loyalty in the provinces): Kruger.
  • The Blunt Oppressor (the lowest level of loyalty in the provinces): Zorg.
  • The Incomparable Raider (the highest number of points for borrowed borders): Kazjatar.
  • The Gentle Fabian (the lowest number of points for borrowed borders): Zorg.

Photos lost in the void, unfortunately.