3rd Spring Meetings with Warmaster

Date: 2009, May 8-10.

Location: Konstantynów Łódzki.

Tournament participants in the Warmaster game: 16.

Warmaster players: Getlord (Kislev), Yaco (Chaos), Eljot (Dark Elves), Kretus (Chaos), RIP (Skaven), Vazhyl (Chaos Beastmen), Bejzkik (Bretonnia), Kazjatar (Chaos Dwarfs), Kuba (Skaven), Pater (Undead), van Adriel (Undead), Eld Rok (Bretonnia), Halbard (Goblin Army), Kruger (High Elves), Vincenty (Chaos),  Swordmaster (High Elves).

Winner of the tournament’s campaign - The Chosen of the Gods: Kazjatar.

Awarded in special categories:

  • The Grim Reaper (the most points for destroyed enemy troops): Getlord.
  • The Bloody Tyrant (the most points for lost own troops): Eld Rok.
  • The Merciful Lord (least points for lost own troops): Kruger.