15th Autumn Meetings with Warmaster

Date: 2017, November 17-19.

Location: Podzamcze near Ogrodzieniec.

Total number of participants: unknown.

Tournament participants in the Warmaster game: 16 (in fact 19, but several players commanded one army in pairs).

Warmaster players: Kazjatar, Getlord, Bejzkik, Funky Koval & Pater, Grzehoo, Kretus, RIP, Kamil/van Adriel, Kruger, Jungnik, Vazhyl, Halbard, Denton, Luka, Vincenty & Janek, Johnny.

Winner of the tournament’s campaign - The Chosen of the Gods: Kazjatar.

Awarded in special categories:

  • Trivial Tactic: Kazjatar.
  • Sly Raider (most points for scenarios, with best difference between destroyed and lost troops): Kazjatar.
  • The Cruel Reaper (the most points for destroyed enemy troops): Kazjatar.
  • The Kindly Sovereign (least points for lost own troops): Kazjatar.
  • The Dull Oppressor (the most points for lost own troops): Vincenty & Janek.
  • Fabian the Frail (least points for destroyed enemy troops): Johnny.