Foray at High Castle in the Year of Our Lord 2022

Date: 2022, May 13-15.

Location: Sandomierz nad Wisłą.

Total number of participants: 11.

Tournament participants in the Warmaster game: 10.

Warmaster players: bejzkik (Chaos Dwarfs), Getlord (Orcs&Goblins), Grzehoo (Chaos), Jaca (Chaos), Kretus (Dogs of War), Mr Finger (Empire), RIP (Chaos Daemons), Tristan (Bretonnia), Vazhyl (Vampire Counts), Wolfgar (Dogs of War).

Winner of the tournament: Wolfgar.

Special guest: SzymonR, as a judge in a painting competition.

Winners of the painting competition:

  • best painted unit: bejzkik, Dogs of War Gallopers Gun (really painted by Pater)
  • best painted commander: RIP, Undead Dragon

Sponsors of the prizes in the painting competition: Spellcrow and Nicolas DiaCon McSlasky.

Photos: Vazhyl.