SandomiCon #2

Date: 2024, April 19-21.

Location: Sandomierz nad Wisłą.

Co-organizers: High Castle (Wysoki Zamek) and Assault Publishing Studio.

Support: Vanaheim, Spellcrow and Laser Cut Buildings.

Total number of participants: 16 persons and special guest.

Participants in the Warmaster Revolution tournament: Akkon (Bretonnia), Eldrok (High Elves), Getlord (Orcs and Goblins), Halbard (Orcs and Goblins), RIP (Chaos Daemons), TomB with Vazhyl (first game: Chaos, second game: Vampire Counts).

Winner of Warmaster Revolution tournament: RIP.

Second place: Getlord.

Third place: Eldrok.

Participants in other games (Legions Imperialis, SAGA, PMC2670, Cold War Commander. Stars & Steel): Akkon, Bartek, Dziku, Gottesknecht, KudrigY, MKG, Pablos, Roofer, Sarmor, TomB, Xardas.

Winner of speedpainting tournament: Roofer.

Absent due to sudden illness and very sad about it: Garson Magnus and Eljot.

Special guest: SzymonR.

Photos: Vazhyl