Rock outcrops

Rock outcrops are the easiest way to decorate your gaming table. It is enough to use natural materials provided by nature. Although I brought my stones from the mountain stream that ran through the nature reserve, but it was a side effect of my vacation travels. Natural stones are so colorful and beautiful that they do not require any additional artistic activities. I glued the washed stones together with PVA glue and placed them on a base cut from a sheet of polyvinyl chloride. The base was covered with a layer of PVA glue. I added some fine gravel around the big stones. Such gravel can be found anywhere, but if someone is unlucky with the search, he can buy clean and disinfected gravel at an aquarium store. The remaining spaces were sprinkled with sand. After drying, the sand-gravel base should be gently painted, paying attention to the color similarity to natural stones. At the end, it should be decorated with an imitation of grass and other plants.

In my opinion, such simple terrains have their charm and look just as well on the battle table next to forests, buildings, lonely towers and ruins.

Modelling and painting: Vazhyl the Cruel.